Macomb County Professional Repair Service

About Rocco Ciaramella & FIX-IT

FIX-IT is a residential and commercial repair company specializing in minor plumbing, electrical and carpentry repair. The first thought that comes to mind is “He is a handyman”. In a sense that is true, however, Rocco unique set of skills does not come from helping out around house. He is a licensed Heating and Cooling contractor and a licensed Residential Builder. He has worked in those fields for over 25 year along with time spent working as a plumber and electrician.

Not surprisingly, opening FIX-IT was a natural for Rocco who recalls he always loved fixing things. More importantly, he always takes great pride in his work, making sure that the end result not only looked and performs well, but more importantly it is done to correctly and to code. This commitment to excellence results in satisfied customers.

“I enjoy what I do,” says Rocco. “When a project is complete, such as building a staircase railing or a set of custom shelves, I’ll sit and look at it for a while, I am looking for flaws before I pack up my tools but most of the time I end up just admiring the results of my efforts”.

“Customer satisfaction is very important to our company”. The majority of our work is referral work and referrals only happen if our customers are completely satisfied. FIX-IT looks at the smallest details, from set up to clean up, many of our customers comment that with the exception of the work being completed, you wouldn’t even know we were there.

When working with FIX-IT you can count on an honest approach. Rocco will listen to what you want done, evaluate your project and recommend the best possible solution. Quality of material, expense and local codes are considered with each project. Although price is a factor in any project, it does not dictate how the job is completed. In other words Rocco and his company FIX-IT will not cut corners and has turned down work if an owner just wants patch work and not a proper repair.

Fix-IT recognizes that your time is also valuable and is highly recognized for keeping appointments, maintaining work schedules, and doing the job right the first time.