Remodeling / Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling

Transform your home with a bathroom or kitchen remodel in Oakland and Macomb County. Remodels not only improve the aesthetic look for your enjoyment, but also for resale purposes. FIX-IT is a fast and reliable contractor that covers Macomb and Oakland Counties in Michigan. When you need bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kitchen remodeling, we should be your first call.We strive for your satisfaction, so you can rest assured that you have the most dedicated team on your side.

Based in Shelby Township, MI, FIX-IT provides full remodeling services. We have extensive experience planning and completing remodeling projects and use this knowledge to help you design the new look of your home. Our team will help you decide on the theme of your remodel while also helping you choose materials for your countertops and floors. Once decided upon, we will completely install all aspects of your remodel.

Beautiful remodeled bathroom interior with glass walk in shower with grey tile surround, brown vanity cabinet topped with white counter and paired with mosaic tile backsplash from FIX-IT in Shelby Township, MI
Gorgeous Macomb County luxury kitchen with granite island remodeled by FIX-IT

Kitchen Remodeling

Update your kitchen the right way with a kitchen remodel by FIX-IT. We will bring your dream kitchen to life around your fast-paced, hectic life. We can perform a stand-alone kitchen remodel with minimal interruption to your daily life, as our highly trained remodeling professionals can handle any project.

Whether you love to cook or only cook when you entertain, we’ll make cooking more enjoyable than ever. A new kitchen is a new start to your culinary experience. Bring us your dreams and ideas and we’ll make them reality. From concept design to final installation, FIX-IT will bring your kitchen design to life.

We can remodel kitchens of any size, large or small. FIX-IT has access to custom cabinet shops and national brand models. From quartz, granite, solid surface, laminate & Butcher block countertops, to breakfast bars and large kitchen islands, we’ve done it all. When you replace your cabinets and counters, you’ll probably want to replace your flooring, repaint the walls, hang a little wallpaper, add a backsplash, upgrade your appliances, improve lighting, drop in a new apron sink, or install a pantry. Whatever your dream kitchen consists of, let us make those dreams a reality for you.

Basement Remodeling

Need more rooms to live, work, or play in? Have a basement sitting there collecting junk? Put that basement to use! Many homes in Macomb County and Oakland County have basements, and these are often the same size as the first floor of the house. Because of this, by simply remodeling or finishing your basement, you can double the size of your living space!

Basements don’t need to remain dark, damp, scary places. Brighten them up with recessed lighting, drywall instead of concrete walls, and warm and beautiful flooring. We can section off a storage side and a living side, allowing you to store holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, or more on one side. On the other, we can lay carpet, hang drywall, paint, install lighting and even bathrooms, all so that you can enjoy ALL of your home.

Remodeled basement in Oakland County, MI from FIX-IT
Remodeling and renovating of a master bathroom

Renovations vs. Remodeling

Home renovations are often confused with home remodeling. Honestly, for most people, the terms are interchangeable. However, renovation is basically referring to restoring something to a previous state. This includes updating or repairing an existing structure while incorporating new elements to enhance the structure. Renovations can include minor changes such as a fresh coat of paint or a new light fixture, to major changes such as new cabinets or appliances.

This is where the confusion lies. Most people consider this remodeling, but home remodeling typically involves changing the layout of an existing structure, altering such spaces as bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. Remodeling often refers to changing a space to be used in a completely different way than originally planned, or when additions are put on a home. This could include adding a bathroom where one didn’t exist before, such as splitting an unused bedroom into a master bathroom and walk-in closet.

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